October 19th 2021 at 7pm

Hyogo Performing Arts Center (Hyogo, Japan)

Olivier Messiaen, Yoritsuné Matsudaïra
Love songs

Yumi Nara : soprano
Sakiko Okamoto: Piano

Part 1
Yoritsuné Matsudaïra (1907 – 2001) 
Excerpt from Dit du Genji 
      Oborozukiyoni (Air d’Oborozukiyo) (1992-93)     -soprano solo- 

Excerpt from Trois ordres 
      Ahukotono (1994)     -soprano solo- 

Excerpt from  Kokinshû (1939-45)
      Kiminarade (If it is not yours)
      Akikazéni (In automn wind)
      Hatsukarino (The first wild goose)
      Kawanoséni (At the bottom of the river)

Fancy of «Roei» : Song of the old days (1970)     -piano solo-

La Grâce – July poem (1991)     Yoritsuné Matsudaïra

Part 2
Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992) 
Harawi – Song of love and death   (12 pieces)   (1945)

Place : Hyogo Performing Arts Center (Hyogo, Japan)

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